Lifting Heavy Duty Vehicles the Easier Way

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Heavy duty scissor lifts are helpful in lifting trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles to repair, tire mounting, rotation or to wash which requires clear access to the bottom of the vehicle. Most of them have high pressure hydraulic cylinders without under -vehicle obstructions or lateral movement. They are designed for ramp style or drive style.They can lift as heavy automotives as ranging from 3700 to 5500 kilograms. The hydraulic cylinders are covered with chrome-plated polyurethane seals.  They can be operated both manually and electrically or even some are battery-charged. The electrically run ones require 3 HP of power which amounts to about 220-460/3/60 volts.  Some of them are- fixed, movable, self- propelled, hydraulic, with extended platform, four post and multi dock pit lorry landing.

With variations in prices, some companies also provide oversize platforms, front pockets, and rotating tops and bellow safety skirting. 
Hydraulic scissor lifts are low on maintenance and are less power consuming. Fixed scissor lifts have mounting height of up to 40 feet and are applicable in automobile showrooms as well as loading and unloading of goods. Movable scissor lifts are used for high capacity lifting and movement. They are of particular use in textile, defence and electronic and electrical industries.  Self- propelled scissor lifts are used as doc leveller for vertical movement. They are used in rough terrains, platform work, lights and pothole guards. Four post lifts are generally used for raising any vehicle of any weight, and can be used in homes and industrial areas both.  Multi dock pit free lorry landing can be used for open yards and docks for landing of goods.
Truck lifts have 15 mechanical safety locking positions in all lifts starting at 18 inches. They have electro-hydraulic pantograph lifts with vertical rising so that they are free of any kind of inferences on the floor.  The advantages of truck lifts are that they have truly clear features, vertical lifting without posts, lifts can be flush mounted or surface mounted.
Apart from these, heavy duty scissor lifts can also be of another two types. The first is truck hoists which are expertly designed to lift the trucks or buses with great efficiency and provide stability while the work is being carried out.  In this category, ram lifts are also included which are very popular because of their performance in utility vehicles. Here, one of the legs is usually flexible so that it can be adjusted in accordance with the base of the vehicle.
Another type is the heavy duty parallelogram lifts which are capable of lifting any type of heavy duty vehicles giving even distribution of the weight on the ground. In order to ensure the two runways being parallel while the lifting is going a torsion bar is used which acts as a mechanical linkage between runways connected by the legs.
Hence, as we can now see heavy vehicle lifts are very useful for lifting heavy vehicles as well as loading and unloading.
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Lifting Heavy Duty Vehicles the Easier Way

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This article was published on 2013/04/03